IT Center Services

The IT Center is one of RWTH Aachen's central institutions to support the central processes of the university. It provides basic and supplemental services for university institutions and supports the Simulation Sciences, which are among the focuses of the RWTH 2020 institutional strategy.

The IT Center's customers are students, staff, instructors, and institutions of RWTH Aachen as well as other educational and research institutions and companies.


Documentation Portal

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Our Documentation Portal provides you with detailed information on the various IT Center services

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The IT Center provides RWTH institutions with a broad range of information technology and computing services.

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The IT Center services are available for the RWTH as well as external guests and employees / members of other NRW universities or research centers.

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IT Portals

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We assembled a link collection for you, making it easier and faster to find the most important links to portals like Selfservice, Webhosting Portal and hardware acquisition portals.

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In order to further enhance teaching at RWTH Aachen, the IT Center supports instructors with a comprehensive IT infastructure.

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Members of Staff


Faculty and staff at RWTH Aachen receive support for computing, network and telecommunications services.

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The IT Center is dedicated to meeting the computing needs of new and current students at RWTH Aachen. Photo: Peter Winandy.

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Catalogue of Services

Here you can find an overview of all services offered by the IT Center.

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status updates

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Here you can find an overview of the status updates of central systems.

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