Awards and Recognitions by the Department of Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science and other institutions of RWTH Aachen University award prizes for special archievements of their lecturers or students.


Schöneborn Award

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The Schöneborn Award has been conferred by proRWTH since 2004.

The prize dates back to a legacy from 2003. Heinz Schöneborn, who was University Professor of Mathematics at RWTH Aachen University from 1964 to 1987, and his wife had determined by will that their fortune should be donated to proRWTH. Every year, “Schöneborn Prizes” are awarded out of this Schöneborn fund to outstanding graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at RWTH Aachen (intermediate diploma/examination, Bachelor).


  • Tag der Informatik: Eva Fluck


  • Tag der Informatik: Andreas Tollkötter, Lukas Huwald


  • Tag der Informatik: Stefan Hegselmann, Tobias Pohlen


  • Tag der Informatik: Anne Kathrein, Jens Katelaan, Daniel Neuen, Norman Müller, Philip Keldenich
  • Summer Festival: Felix Rietig, Hannah Spitzer, Philip Trettner


  • Tag der Informatik: Martin Heistermann, Matthias Hoelzel, Max Lyon
  • Summer Festival:Andreas Krüger, Paul Springer, Felix Voigtlaender

Departmental Teaching Award

Each year on the first Friday in December, the Department celebrates the Day of Computer Science, where the chairs and working groups, together with partners from research and industry, present their activities in teaching and learning and report on new developments. At the event, the Department also bids farewell to its new graduates and honors outstanding instructors and students. The Department’s Teaching Prize is awarded in two categories: independent teaching and teaching support.


  • Independent teaching: Prof. Schweizer
  • Teaching support: Benedikt Brütsch


  • Independent teaching: Prof. Dr. Jan Borchers
  • Teaching support: Wied Pasuka
  • Special award “Outstanding Life-long Teaching”: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Thomas

Department Award for Student Engagement


  • Arno Schmetz, Student Council


  • Martin Lang and Martin Henze, Student Council

Bachelor Award by the Department


  • Summer Festival: Michael Krause


  • Tag der Informatik: Matthias Naaf

Berthold Vöcking Master Award


  • Summer Festival: Paul Voigtlaender


  • Tag der Informatik: Hagen Schupp, Alexander Ruppert
  • Summer Festival: Philip Trettner