Frequently Asked Questions


Questions about the Master Course of Study

What can I do if missed the deadline for registering for an exam?

It is not possible to register after the deadline. If you had technical difficulties registering, contact the academic advisor immediately. Only in cases where technical problems could not be solved by the registration deadline can you register afterwards.

When do I need to have completed my Bachelor's in order to enroll for the Master's course of study on time at the end of the semester?

The date of the last examination performance must fall in the preceding semester in order to change your enrollment to the Master's program for the next semester. The deadline for a change of enrollment in the winter semester is September 30 and March 31 for the summer semester. Your exam performance must have been evaluated and graded by the end of the first month of the new semester, that is October or April. A confirmation that you received a grade of at least 4.0 and have passed is sufficient for the Bachelor's thesis.

I registered in Campus, but the registration is not appearing in the VZPA. What do I do?

If the entry does not show up in the VZPA by the beginning of the exam period, contact the academic advisor.

I have more than the 35 CP allowed in one area. What happens in this case?

The last exam that would bring the CP count in an area over 35CP is automatically ignored by the ZPA and can be marked afterwards as "frewillige Zusatzleistung." If this subject is nevertheless included in the calculation of the final grade, you must submit a request to the examination board to have the course completely included in the final grade.

Can I write an external final thesis?

Externally advertised theses without an issuing supervisor from the Department of Computer Science cannot be accepted. More information on this topic can be found in Organizational Information in the section “Bachelor's Thesis and Colloquium”. The information on external theses apply to Master's Theses as well.