Our Courses of Study


The Department of Computer Science offers a number of different degree programs in informatics and computer science. In addition, it contributes to other courses of study that are related to computer science.


Bachelor's Courses of Study

Computer Science B.Sc.

Computer Science (Teacher Training) B.Sc.

Technical Communication B.Sc.

Computational Engineering Science B.Sc.


Master's Courses of Study

Computer Science M.Sc.

Computer Science (Teacher Training) M.Ed.

Media Informatics M.Sc.

Software Systems Engineering M.Sc.

Data Science M.Sc.

Technical Communcation M.Sc.

Automation Engineering M.Sc.

Simulation Sciences M.Sc.

Biomedical Engineering M.Sc.

Computational Engineering Science M.Sc.

Life Science Informatics M.Sc.