What To Do After Enrolling

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There are a few things you should take care of after enrolling.

Temporary Proof of Enrollment

When you enroll, you will receive temporary proof of of enrollment that you can use as a substitute for a student id. This temporary proof is valid until you get your RWTH BlueCard from the university.

Student Body and Social Contribution Fee

Upon enrolling at RWTH Aachen, you will get a deposit or transfer form to pay your student body and social contribution fee.

We recommend using the transfer form since all of the important information such as purpose, amount paid, and the university's account information is already entered. As soon as your transfer or deposit has been received at the RWTH Aachen account, your enrollment is complete. For this reason, you should pay the semester fee as soon as possible.

If you do not have a bank account with a German banking institution, you can deposit the money into the RWTH Aachen university account in cash at any of the Sparkasse Aachen locations. You will, however, have to pay a processing fee.

When transfering money from abroad, please use the following account information:

Sparkasse Aachen
Routing number: 390 50 000
Account: 14522
IBAN: DE34 3905 0000 0000 014522

Activation of IT Center Services

The RWTH Aachen IT Center offers students a number of services such as stationary and mobile internet access, a personal email account, personal administration of RZ services using the TIM-Kennung, and CAMPUS Office, a online studies planner, with which you have direct access to your lecture course data among other things.

You can activate these services online after the university receives your semester contribution fee.

The user guide will take you through the activation process. Type your enrollment number and the activation code in the space provided. You can find the activation code on the transfer form. You will receive your personal log in information after successful activation.

Please note the following when using RWTH Aachen network services:

  • Your email address is typically firstname.lastname@rwth-aachen.de. Please remember to regularly use and check this email account, since the university will send all studies related information to this account. You can also have all emails sent to this address forwarded to another account of course.
  • Please make sure your have current and consistently updated virus protection before you enter the RWTH network. The Sophos virus scanner with current updates is available free of charge. The scanner software and the consistent updates can be downloaded for free from the IT Centers website.

For more information refer to the overview of IT Center services for students.

Blue Card

The RWTH BlueCard is the multifunctional student ID of RWTH Aachen.

To get the card, you must first transfer the student body and social contibution fee to the university's bank account. After activating the IT Center services, you must upload a photo to have your RWTH Blue Card created.

Semester Ticket

The semester ticket for North-Rhine Westphalia has been available at RWTH Aachen since Summer Semester 2009. You can use the ticket to travel for free on almost all forms of transportation, that is buses and trains, in North Rhine-Westphalia. You will receive the semester ticket in the mail from ASEAG around the middle of March or the middle of September after successful re-registration. The General Students' Committee has collected information about the semester ticket for you.