Application for the B.Sc. Computer Science Course of Study


If you are interested in applying for a computer science program, the following pages should be of interest to you.


Video “Computer Science: Course of Study Description” online

A recording of the Beratungstage talk “Computer Science: Course of Study Description” from February 2018 is now online:



Ralf Schlüter

Academic Advisor, Bachelor of Computer Science


+49 241 80 21022



Office Hours


Transferring from other courses or universities to a Bachelor's program

You can find detailed information on a transfer to the Computer Science Bachelor's program in the respective FAQ section.

Enrollment as a First-Term Student in the Summer Semester

It is possible to enrol in the B.Sc. Computer Science course in the summer semester. However, if you inted to do so, please contact the one of the academic advisors beforehand. We also advise beginning students to take the Computer Science bridge course.

Please note that the curriculum in the summer semester is different from that of the winter semester (see FAQ). Find out more at: Starting Your Studies in the Summer Term.