Farewell CAMPUS Office – RWTHonline Takes Over

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Starting July 2018, students can find all functions for organizing their 2018/19 winter semester in RWTHonline. This is the next step of implementing RWTHonline as the new Campus Management System, following the activation of the application and admission management functions and the student and fee management functions in December 2017.

With the move of course and classroom management and course of study management to RWTHonline in July 2018, students are also now making the transition from CAMPUS Office to RWTHonline. The questions and answers below explain how course scheduling and planning works in RWTHonline. The exam planning function in the new system will be released over the course of the 2018/19 winter semester.

Medical and dentistry students will continue to follow the same procedures for registering for and cancelling registrations for courses and exams.

RWTH employees can find more detailed information about the new Campus Management System in the RWTHonline info portal in the University's intranet.


Questions and Answers About Course Planning in RWTH-online

What does the start of course planning in RWTH-online in July 2018 mean for me as a student?

Beginning July 2, 2018, the functions you have had under "Campus" and "Kalender" in CAMPUS Office until now will be moved to RWTHonline. You will be forwarded to the new system within CAMPUS Office.

Access to "CampusOffice for Students" will remain for a transition period. You can use all of the Central Examination Office functions in CAMPUS Office for example, until they are transferred to RWTHonline over the course of the winter semester. As soon as the switchover is complete, a forwarding function will be activated for this area as well.

The offering for winter semester 2018/19 will be activated step-by-step. The registration periods for courses begin at different times depending on the course of study, as is currently the case in CAMPUS. Exam planning for summer semester 2018 will still completely take place in CAMPUS. This means that you can use all the functions in CAMPUS Office under "Central Examination Office" to plan your exams during this period.

The new system centers around the Curriculum Support function (overview of studies). It bundles a number of functions, including a number of functions from CAMPUS:

  • Your individual course content
  • Your standard curriculum
  • Your standard curriculum by semester
  • Your exam offerings by semester
  • Registration and cancellation process for courses and exams

In RWTHonline, you can....

beginning July 2018

  • view RWTH's published course offerings

As soon as the registration process is activated for courses in your course of study:

  • Register for courses
  • Create your schedule
  • Import your courses into your personal RWTHonline calendar and manage them with your other personal appointments
  • Export the dates to iCal
  • View your favorited items
  • See an overview of the courses you are registered for

beginning October 2018

  • View the exam offerings

As soon as the registration process is activated for exams in your course of study:

  • Register for exams

How do I log in?

The easiest way is to bypass CAMPUS Office completely and directly log in to RWTHonline. You will be prompted to enter your username, formerly the TIM ID, and your password for CAMPUS Office/web services. If you do not know your username or have forgotten your password, send an email to the central support address .

Alternatively, you will be forwarded from CAMPUS Office to RWTHonline when you click on a function under "Campus" or "Kalender" in the lefthand menu – just as you are when clicking on functions under Registrar's Office.

How do I put together my course schedule in RWTHonline?

You should create your course schedule using Curriculum Support. It contains all the courses and exams offered within the framework of your examination regulations, assuming they have been published. If you use Curriculum Support to put together your schedule, you can be certain that you are fulfilling the requirements in your examination regulation.

Use the Curricula Support tile view on your RWTHonline desktop. In the drop-down menu, "KNOTEN (Alle)," click "Semesterplan." You will then be given an overview of the individual modules for your course of study and the courses and exams offered for these modules. The overview is sorted by course structure and illustrated in a tree diagram.

You can find more information about Curriculum Support in the RWTHonline documentation portal.

How do I register and cancel my registrations for courses?

In your Curriculum Support, you have direct access to the courses you can or must take according to your examination regulation.

On the homepage of your Curriculum Support, select "Semesterplan" from the drop-down menu "KNOTEn (Alle)." You will be shown an overview of the modules for your course of study sorted by course semester. The courses you must take are assigned to the individual modules in a tree diagram. From Curriculum Support, click on the T-Symbol (Teilnahme an LV) in the column "Teil," to directly register for a course. The symbol must be green for this to work.

Please note that registration for a course does not automatically register you for an exam. If you would like to take the exam for a course, you must additionally register for the exam.

It is possible to cancel your registration for a course in RWTHonline within the given deadline. Use the page "Meine Lehrveranstaltungen" behind the tile "Lehrveranstaltungen."

You can also import your courses into your RWTHonline calendar and manage them together with your personal appointments. The dates can also be displayed as a course schedule or in numerous other ways and exported as iCAL files.

You can "favorite" courses in RWTHonline and view them as a list or in the calendar. To do so, click on the tile "Mein Terminkalender" and then "Einstellungen." Under "Kalender Ansicht" and then "Termine zu vorgemerkten LV-Gruppen," select the setting "Termine zu meinen vorgemerkten LV-Gruppen anzeigen.“ All favorited courses will then be shown in your calendar.

You can find more information about course planning in the RWTHonline documentation portal.

Where do I find the RWTH course catalogue online?

The RWTH course catalogue, which was previously available in CAMPUS Office under "Courses of Study," is now available in RWTHonline under "Lehrveranstaltungen" in the section "Alle Lehrveranstaltungen." In this application, you have access to the entire published course offerings of RWTH. In the section "Meine Lehrveranstaltungen" you have an overivew of all the courses you are registered for. The functions here roughly correspond to those under "Meine Anmeldungen" in CAMPUS Office.

What's staying in CAMPUS for the moment?

All functions not yet available in RWTHonline will remain in CAMPUS. You will be forwarded to RWTHonline from CAMPUS for all other functions.

This means that all Central Examination Office functions for students remain in CAMPUS Office until the switch to RWTHonline during the winter semester.

All services found in CAMPUS Office under your student ID number will be switched over step by step.

The RWTH room and organizational directories are still available in CAMPUS. They can be found under "Hörsale" and "Telefonbuch."

Who can I ask for help?

Different support options for RWTHonline are available:

You can access the sites using the internal wiki in the RWTH network or using a VPN with your user ID (TIM ID) and password for CAMPUS Office/web services.

You can find more information about organizing studies on the RWTH website in the section for students.

If you have questions about RWTHonline, a support team is available at .
Your Faculty also has its own support offerings.

For example, you can refer to your

  • department's website
  • departmental academic advising
  • student councils or senior student councils
  • tutors

What advantages does the new system offer RWTH students?

  • Course schedules are created for mandatory sections without any overlap.
  • All the rooms, in which courses are held, can be found in RWTHonline.
  • A request can be made for each RWTH course. If there are restrictions, the criteria according to which seats in a course are assigned, are clearly defined.
  • The new system is web-based – its responsive design improves the display on smartphones and tablets, making mobile use more attractive.
  • RWTHonline's user interface is more modern, clear, and user-friendly than CAMPUS Office.
  • The user interface is available in both German and English.